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This site is dedicated for those interested in plastic scale modelling and looking for additional aftermarket products to make their builds more accurate and detailed.

Our main focus at this point in time is on aircraft in 1:72 and 1:48 scale where we have been developing photoetched and resin upgrade sets and paint masks. We however are open to suggestions and propositions from you, fellow modellers. Please do send us your ideas for our future projects.

Hope you’d like our product range! Enjoy and Happy modelling!

A-Squared Team

Our News

We received from the shop the earlier announced three Su-27 Family Gun Port PE mini-sets.
And I would like you to take a look at the frets and try to spot the difference between the modifications.
You’d be looking at the Su-27SM for Zvezda, Su-30MKK for Trumpeter and Su-30SM for Zvezda PE mini-sets. Each set contains all Gun Port intricate details that closely resemble the thing of the real aircraft which fits the kit panel lines. And traditionally each set contains a few little bonus items.

This time we present you the detailing set for MiG-31/B/BM 1:72 Trumpeter kit, code ASQ 72013. It’s a multimedia set consisting of two PE frets, the masks, the film for the sight and the self adhesive mirrors.
Please note that if you bought other manufacturers’ PE set or simply don’t plan to use the PE set on your model, the masks are also sold separately under ASQM 72013
It’s worth-while mentioning that earlier on you had an opportunity to familiarise yourselves with our ASQ 72012 Tail Fin correction set for the named kit.
Just in case any of you don’t fancy to use the tail fin correction set, we have included all of the PE parts from it in this detailing set too.
There are 184 PE parts in the set, so be prepared to exercise your patience if you decide to get your hands on it. It is simply magnificent and you will not be disappointed, I tell ya!
In any case, a few photos work better then a thousand words!

Hot off the press, a new set of painting masks for Zvezda 1:48 Mi-24 kit.
The plastic sprues in the box are still warm, I am sure you’ve noticed, if you purchased the kit already. Being modellers we understand how keen one might be to get to assembly of the kit ASAP. So we prepared something for you that would make your paining job a joy.
Here it is, MS480004 Mi-24 Die-cut mask for painting canopy frame and wheel hub, consisting of 41 parts cut with precision.
Seeing is believing as they say, so here are.

…and while we are at it, one more masks set just came out from our conveyor belt.
We know very well how difficult and boringly scrupulous masking the civil aircraft model windows can be. This is why our next making set is dedicated to you, the 1:144 scale aircraft modeller.
The MS144004 MC-21-300 die-cut mask for painting canopy frame, windows and wheel hub consists of 110 parts of which 88 bits are precisely cut to mask the windows. Just please try and picture yourself accurately masking all 88 of them by masking liquid… Brrrrr
Take a look at the evidence and judge for yourself!

We have another good news for diorama lovers! We’ve produced a two stage hydraulic aviation jack in 1:72 scale. This is the same one as our earlier announced set in a bigger scale. Despite being a bit smaller this set is still magnificently accurate with intricate detail of the prototype being replicated in both resin and photo etched. Just have a look at this and enjoy!

Today we have good news for diorama lovers – just released 1:48 scale mix-media set representing aviation 4.5 ton two-stage jack TRONAIR, model 02-7900-0100. The set comprises of photoetched and resin parts for 2 scale jacks.

Hello my fellow modellers! Hope you all are still safe and sound! Today we are here to show you our new ASQM 72013 set of masks for painting the frames of the canopy for MiG-31 1:72 Trumpeter kits.
To make one’s life easier and to provide for more authenticity while painting the canopy, the set contains masks for both
the outside and inside surfaces. The set is available separately and will also be included in our PE set that is coming our very shortly. So, watch this space!

The next news today is about the gun ports of Su-27 family of aircraft, i.e. Su-27 itself, Su-27UB, Su-27SM, Su-30, SU-30SM, Su-33, Su-34 and Su-35S.
It’s a fact that most of the PE manufacturers have avoided this particularly area of the aircraft whilst designing their sets.
We are convinced that replicating the gun port of the Su-27 family is very important if you really want to create an authentic replica of the real aircraft. That’s why when we design our sets (Su-34 Trumpeter and SU-33 Zvezda) the gun port gets proper attention.
We though understand that some of you have already purchased PE sets by other manufactures. And if you have, don’t despair. We fixed the issue now!
Meet the first separate mini set ASQ 72014 imitating the gun port for Su-33 1:72 Zvezda kit. It accurately represents the real thing and fits the kit as a nice suede glove would fit your lady’s hand.
There are few more gun ports are coming up very soon, all for 1:72 Su-72 family kits by various manufacturers.
Watch this space even closer now

Our new set ASQ72012 ready to hit the shelves of the hobby shops and your work benches!
The MiG-31 tail fins for the 1:72 Trumpeter series of kits is finally here, all nicely packed!

Dear colleagues,
we released a new photoetched set ASQ72010 for ZVEZDA plastic model kit Su-33 (#7297) and our painting mask range has replenished with new set ASQM72010 for the same kit.

Hello friends! Here is the Part 2 of our PE sets reviewed by Sebastijan Videc at VVS Plastic Scale Modelling Enjoy!

Hello gents! Our masks have been reviewed and praised on Soviet/Russian Scale Modelling page by a seasoned 1:72 modeller Sebastijan Videc.

Thank you Sebastijan!